Ride Categories

We divide our rides into several categories according to distance and difficulty to provide something for all our members. All-day rides go to a nominated destination for lunch. This makes it possible for riders to join the ride at lunchtime if they can not make the start for any reason.

Our rides are classified as follows :   

  • “C” Rides: These are between 20 and 30 miles, and allow people to be home for lunch if they so desire. Speeds will be adjusted to suit the slowest riders. The rides usually stop at a café for coffee and a cake. The ride may be extended to a lunch destination for those that want to ride further. These rides are a good introduction to our rides if you are not sure whether our rides will suit you.

  • “B” Rides: These rides are between 40 to 60 miles at a moderate pace (11 to 12 mph Avg.). We will stop at each junction if necessary to allow riders to catch-up as we will not leave riders behind but we do not recommend these rides for the inexperienced rider. We will have a lunch stop at a pub, café or garden centre and often will stop mid-morning/afternoon for a tea and cake stop. We aim to be home before 4pm.

  • “B+” Rides: These rides are similar in length to a “B” ride but will include more difficult terrain, the ride may also be of a faster pace (12+mph Avg.)
  • These rides are definitely not for the inexperienced rider. Lunch arrangements are the same as “B” rides. We aim to be home between 4 and 5pm.

  • “A” Rides: These rides are 60+ miles at a moderate to fast pace (13+ mph Avg.). They will likely cover hilly terrain and should only be attempted by the fittest, most experienced of riders. Riders unable to keep up will be asked to make their own way to lunch/home. These rides often do not get home before 5pm and sometimes much later!!

  • All rides start from a nominated place and start time stated on the This Week’s Events page. We aim to leave at the stated start time, if you have said you are attending but have been delayed (puncture or other mechanical) please phone the ride leader. A decision will then be made as to what action will be taken. If you are just “late” you may find we have already left!