Safety & Standards

All rides are led by an experienced leader, but we do not provide route cards or maps.   We usually split up on the return journey as we near home, but an escort will always be provided back to the start if required.

If you decide to leave the run before the end, PLEASE tell the leader or someone else in the Group.   There is nothing more frustrating than waiting around at a windy road junction for someone who has already gone home!

All riders are expected to follow the following standards:

  • to realise that they are responsible for their own safety and ride accordingly
  • to ensure that their cycles are roadworthy
  • to carry spare inner tube, basic tools and pump for puncture repairs
  • in wet weather conditions, are encouraged to use mud-guards when group riding or remain at the rear of the group for the comfort of all other participants
  • are encouraged to use bike lights during autumn/winter riding and other poor visibility conditions
  • to comply with the Highway Code when riding on the road, and that includes not riding more than two abreast
  • are expected to maintain the average speed of the group they have chosen to ride with.   However, the pace of the ride shall be the pace of the slowest rider in the group on that ride.   If a rider is not able to maintain the pace then the rider may be asked not to join future rides at that level
  • to uphold the spirit of cycling fellowship, including politeness to other riders and road users at all times.   We expect members to be considerate ambassadors for the club and the sport
  • must stop together with other riders if one member has a problem until the Ride Leader decides on a course of action
  • NOT to use tri-bars on club rides, for safety reasons

Please note: Our group ” The Milton Keynes CTC” or “Cycling UK” do not accept any liability for personal injury to people that join our rides.