About Our Rides

Our aim is to enjoy cycling through lovely countryside with like-minded people. Almost every Sunday throughout the year we have planned rides led by experienced “Ride Leaders”. See the  Future Events  & Info.  section for more details.

Our Sunday rides usually have a café stop in the morning or afternoon. We stop at a Pub, Garden Centre or Café for lunch. 

Rides are of varying distances from 30 and 60 miles. Rides in the winter will be more in the region of 30 to 50 miles. Our rides are graded from A to C. (See the  “Ride Categories” section). 

We aim to be home by 4-5 pm in the summer, earlier in the winter.

It is possible to simply do a half-day ride if you can’t spare the whole day.

Occasionally rides are “Car Assisted” which allows members to experience new areas.

We are not a racing club. If someone has a problem on a ride – a mechanical, a puncture or because the ride is too difficult we will not abandon them, we will help and assist them as much as we can.